The Heart of the Mining Sector will Beat at Tüyap....

Mining Turkey Fair attracts the participation of manufacturers, suppliers, machinery producers, service providers, importers, foreign trade companies, training and consultanct firms, non-governmental organizations of the sector. This year, with the addition of tunneling construction component, companies which are active in this field will too be a part of Mining Turkey 2016. Mining Turkey, which is the only event of its kind, tailored for the mining sector to showcase the most current products and services of companies in this sector is also the most comprehensive fair in the Eurasia. With Mining Turkey 2016, we aim to build on the added value and growth achieved in recent years.

Since 2004 when it was launched, Mining Turkey Fair has maintained an increasing trend of success with every event, and to date has hosted 1577 exhibitors and 30.944 professional visitors in a 60.000 sqm space. Mining Turkey 2014 drew 412 exhibitors from 29 countries, and 9.371 professional visitors from 69 countries including Germany, Belgium, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Canada and Russia. That the event achieved a 47% increase in the number of visitors and a 30% increase in the number of exhibitors and over 35% increase in the square-meter of exhibition area impressed both the exhibitors and visitors. Mining Turkey Fair, which aims to promote the power and impact area of Turkish mining is sure to contribute more to the development of mining and supplying sectors in year 2016.

In addition to the host country of Turkey, Mining Turkey 2016 will be hosting exhibitors from Germany, China, Belgium, Czech Republic, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Spain, France, South Africa, Canada, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Sweden, India, Switzerland, Finland, and Chile as well as visitors from USA, Yemen, Tunisia, China, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Algeria, Indonesia, France, South Africa, Morocco, South Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, UK, Holland, Spain, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Portugal, and many other countries.

Mining Turkey Fair, organized in collaboration with Mining Development Foundation of Turkey which, through its university-industry cooperation, supports the development of mining in Turkey as one of the milestones in the sector, is a platform which shapes the future of the mining sector and contributes to the Turkish economy as the host of the most comprehensive commercial event of Eurasia.

With its rich mineral resources and its geological and tectonic structure, Turkey has proved to be a center of attraction for the mining sector with the diversity and richness of its mineral deposits, and its proximity to target markets. The mining investments in Turkey is developing at a fast pace specifically in terms of coal-based energy, metal and natural stone sectors. The fair, which is a driving force for the mining sector, has significant contributions for the sector with its scope. All stakeholders in the mining sector will have a chance to exchange opinions with public officials, non-governmental organizations, universities, local and international sector leaders, and will be updated on the global market, Turkish mining sector policies, updates and revisions of the regulations new developments and trends.      

"Mining Turkey 2016, 7th International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair, which will open its doors to the sector professionals on November 24-27, 2016 with the collaboration of the Mining Development Foundation of Turkey, will continue to be a major international platform of sales and marketing participated by leading firms from Turkey and the wider world showcasing the production power and capabilities of the sector"