Mining Turkey Fair December 9-12, 2021

The most comprehensive fair in the mining industry in Turkey, Mining Turkey International Mining, Tunneling, Machinery Equipment, and Heavy Duty Vehicles Fair is preparing to become an important trade platform that brings all local and foreign stakeholders together on December 9-12, 2021! At the Fair, which will take place for the 9th time this year, the professionals in the industry will enjoy the convenience of finding everything they are looking for at the right address.  
Mining Turkey Fair will provide an insight into not only the mining industry but also the economy of the country.
The miners, who make great contributions in every stage of extraction of mines, which are a  significant source of raw materials in the industrial production of the countries, as well as processing thereof and transforming them into finished products, will reunite in Mining Turkey 2021. At the fair that offers a close observation of developments in the mining industry and assessments, new collaborations are to be added to the current ones. The fair that provides a sales and marketing platform suitable for the development of the mining industry will continue to offer an insight into the economy, as well.
The most comprehensive fair in the industry proceeds with full support.
KOSGEB supports the exhibitors of Mining Turkey Fair in 2021 as in 2018. Within the scope of support to be provided by KOSGEB, the maximum area of assistance per enterprise exhibiting in the fair was declared to be 50 m2. The exhibitors submit their applications directly to KOSGEB.
Mining Turkey Fair, which is among the fairs supported by the Ministry of Trade within the scope of the International Procurement Committee Program, hosted the procurement committees from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Ghana, Iran, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia at the 2018 fair and came together with the firms to pave the way for discussions of cooperation. The fair that received the support from the Ministry of Trade in 2021, as well, is getting ready to become a trade platform that is the most advantageable for growth and development of the sector by bringing together its exhibitors with procurement committees.
Mining Turkey Fair is getting ready to offer again a productive fair experience to its exhibitors and visitors.
Mining Turkey Fair 2018 grew by 14% in the number of exhibitors, 17% in the fair area, and 17% in the number of visitors. The exhibitors of the fair stated that it brought together the local representatives of the industry and the world’s leaders, and that the many opportunities it offered enabled them look at the future of the industry with hope.
While 87% of the visitors stated that they would visit the next fair, 92% stated that they were very satisfied with the fair and 97% stated that they would recommend the fair to their business community. The exhibitors of Mining Turkey 2018 stated that the fair was beyond their expectations and that every company in the sector must attend the fair.
The fair proceeds its way even stronger than ever by adding the support it receives from the exhibitors and visitors to the support by KOSGEB and the Ministry of Commerce.
The first fair organization company to be entitled to receive the TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate: TÜYAP
TÜYAP, the first fair organization company to be awarded the TSE COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate by fulfilling the requirements of the Turkish Standards Institute's COVID-19 Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Certification Program, maximizes the measures to be implemented.
Tüyap Fuarcılık, which held the IDEF'21 15th International Defence Industry Fair in August with 1,238 companies and 68,795 visitors in accordance with the pandemic measures, is preparing for the Mining Turkey Fair with the same measures to be implemented.
HES codes will be used while entering the fairs. With the occupancy monitoring screens located at each entry point to check the number of people inside at any time, the exhibitors and visitors will be offered a productive fair experience. The common areas and the ventilation system will also operate in accordance with hygiene requirements in addition to the measures of use of masks, social distancing and measuring fever to be implemented in the Exhibition Center that has been organized in compliance with TOBB' s guidelines.
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